Focus On Fit To Land A Job At A Startup Company

If the humdrum atmosphere of a well-established or slow-moving company is draining the life from work you used to enjoy, you might consider working for a startup company. Startups are usually fast-paced, high-energy environments where there's more focus on action than planning. It's not for everyone, but if that environment is for you, here's a tip to help you land a job at one.

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For people with passion around the work they do, a job where they have to navigate a series of committees to implement their new ideas can be a soul-sucking nightmare. A startup, or even a small company, can offer an alternative work environment. Getting a job at a startup can be difficult, but here's the secret: fit matters, sometimes more than experience or qualifications.

If you find a company whose mission you believe in, or that does work that you appreciate, you have a better chance of selling yourself when you apply. One way your application can stand above the rest is to include information that proves you're knowledgeable and passionate about the company and what you'd like to do there.

Small startup companies will often pick a candidate that really meshes well with other employees, shows real passion about the company, or brings new ideas to the table over more established – and yes, sometimes more experienced – candidates. When your company is tiny and growing fast, you need to make sure everyone on the team is dedicated. All you have to do is find a team you really believe in.

Over at Mashable, there's a list of additional tips for getting a job at a startup, but making sure you're a good fit is number one. Do you look for work you're really passionate about, or are you willing to take a job with a slower pace even if the work isn't fulfilling? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.

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    I worked in a financial startup a few years back, we were the 6th fastest growing company is Australia a few years back. It was great. Loads of money, optimism, excitement, and basically any idea you had was considered and put into action fast. No old hats sitting around denying systems or ideas that would change how the company runs or feels.

    But beware, most startups will hit a period where they are sold off, or go public on the stock exchange. This happened at my job, and thats when everything changed. Suddenly the owner was now the CEO and was answerable to share holders, and wasn't accessible for meetings or chats like he used to be. The office birthday cakes stop, breakfast meetings were unpaid and uncatered. Belts were tightened, people laid off and replaced with "specialist managers". Everything had to be approved 3 times. No company mobiles or fuel for business trips made in personal cars etc. The the life got drained out of the place.

    My tip: get in, enjoy the freedom and excitement, but have another position ready to move to like I did. I left a month before the office furniture was repoed.

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