Finding Good Android Apps Just Got Way Easier

For all the improvements the Android Market has made recently, it's still been a pain to find new and interesting apps—increasingly so, now that Google's app storefront has grown to 200,000 programs strong. Not anymore.

As part of the second day of Google's I/O conference, the company introduced some much-needed discovery tools to Android Market: Top App charts, to show you what's popular; Editor's Choice, to show you what's curated; Top Developers, to hook you up with the (150+) cool kid devs; Related Apps, based on what you've bought before; and Trending Apps, which helps you keep up with what's popular at that.very.second.

All of those changes are effective right now, so happy hunting. As for future treats: soon the Android Market will support apps up to 4GB in size, and starting in June developers will be able to exclude devices to avoid any compatibility issues. Which, uh, might be sad news for those of us who thought Android fragmentation was dead and/or dying.

Google Mobile Blog [via Engadget]


    Still doesn't seem to be a way to report suspicious looking apps though

    I'mma say it right now, just saying "never" is a surefire way to make it happen: nobody's *ever* going to need/want a 4GB app on their phone!

      I believe people said something similar to that back in the early days of computers :P

      Just like nobody will ever need more than 256kb of ram?

        That was Bill Gates, he said "640K ought to be enough for anybody"
        It may have been true at the time.
        Not so much now.

    Just checked out the site. Under 'top grossing apps', the are a few FREE apps, including the number one spot. Looks like something is broken.

      Some apps currently free, used to be paid apps, and some could be free for 1-2 days as a promotion. Same as they do on Apple.

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