Extensive Notes Is A Full Featured Note-Taking App For Android

Extensive Notes Is A Full Featured Note-Taking App For Android

Android: Extensive Notes is not your average note-taking app. Just as its name hints, it does a bit more than its peers, and in this case that means a list of features 67 bullet-points long.

Not only does it take notes, but it takes notes in text, audio, video, QR codes, photos and drawings. Some even better features include creating to-do lists, adding events to Google Calendar, geotagging notes, sharing notes, and adding documents or other files as attachments to notes. That’s only some of the things Extensive Notes can do, and the free version of the app can do all of it. The “Pro” version, priced at $1.98, adds customisation and settings features.

The almost comically long list of features in this app makes it less a simple note-taking app, and more a productivity tool for almost any occasion. It has a random password generator, a comprehensive unit converter, and built-in calculators for tipping, discounts, sales tax, BMI, Ohm’s Law, Decibel change and more. It can look up words on the fly, add phone contacts as tasks, and it’s got Google Translate built-in. There’s even an “Artist Image” lookup, to help users add polish to their phone’s music collection.

There are more features in this app, and the developer is almost constantly adding to the list as users make requests. Extensive Notes doesn’t sync to an online service, but it allows the user to create on-the-fly backups of its database to the phone’s SD card instead. The only real drawback for the app is that, with all its features, buttons in the UI are pretty small. Otherwise, the overall look of it is clean, and very well-done.

Extensive Notes [Android Market]


  • Speaking of stylus’ – where can you get a good one for an Android phone here in Australia (capacitive or whatever the one you need to replicate your finger is)?

    • HTC actually have their own stylus for sale on their website under accessories..

      Never bought it or used it, so i’m not sure how well it works, but its recommended for my Desire HD, so if I ever one day DO feel the need…

  • And yet I still can not find any free app – apart of the DocumentsToGo / QuickOfficePro which does rich text editing and saves it to a useful file type (doc/docx/rtf). All of these fancy note takers are great, but their file types or databases do not help me when they sync back to my PC (via Dropbox or gDocs). There is a rumor google Docs will have an offline version one day, but until then…

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