DoggCatcher Is A Podcast Downloader And Manager For Android

DoggCatcher Is A Podcast Downloader And Manager For Android

Android: If you like to listen to a lot of podcasts on-the-go, DoggCatcher is the perfect podcast manager for Android. It will automatically download new episodes, delete old ones you’ve listened to, and even speed them up if you’re time-starved.Previously mentioned Google Listen has always been an OK app for finding and streaming your favourite podcasts, but if you’re looking for something a bit more feature-filled, DoggCatcher is the podcast app for Android right now. It isn’t brand new, but we hadn’t really tried it out before, and we’re pretty wowed. Not only does it have a great search engine for finding your favourite podcasts, but it’ll even recommend other good ones based on what you like. You can also import your existing feeds from Google Reader or an OPML file.

When it comes to listening to podcasts, it’s got you covered in more ways than one. It will automatically download new episodes in any of your feeds so you can listen to them offline, delete old episodes that you’ve already listened to (so your SD card doesn’t fill up with podcasts), and even let you speed up audio podcasts to get through them quicker.

Doggcatcher is a $6.97 download for Android phones, and it is well worth the price if you listen to any podcasts. The features and options are too numerous to mention here, so head over to the Android Market and check it out.

DoggCatcher [Android Market via Talk Android]


  • How does Doggcatcher compare to Podtrapper? I’ve migrated from Blackberry, so still use Podtrapper. It’s great, except it doesn’t handle many podcasts well when starting and restarting. It seems to lose the position easily, and is not properly synched with the mp3.

  • Doggcatcher has a lot of problems with certain podcasts.. just do a google search for “doggcatcher too many redirects”. DH unplugged being one of them. The best podcast app is easily Beyondpod.

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