Disable Windows 7's Aero Snap From The Control Panel

Aero Snap, which lets you maximise windows or set them side by side by dragging them to the screen edge, is one of our favourite Windows 7 features. If you find it more annoying than helpful, here's how to turn it off.

While I love Aero Snap when I'm working on my laptop, it's unnecessary on my dual-monitor desktop, and ends up causing more frustration than anything else — I don't want windows to maximise every time I drag them near the top of the screen. It turns out, you don't need extra software like the previously mentioned Ultimate Windows Tweaker to do it. There's a setting right inside the Control Panel.

Open up the Control Panel and head to the Ease of Access section. Under "Ease of Access Center", click the "Change how your mouse works" link, and scroll down to the "Make it easier to manage windows" section. Check the box that says "Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen". Some of you might have already known this was here, but it's in a very strange place in the Control Panel (Ease of Access > Mouse settings? Seriously?), so we thought it was worth a mention.

How to Disable Aero Snap Under Windows [GHacks]


    Note that this is setting is PER USER ACCOUNT,
    not per PC.

    Why would anyone ever want to turn this off? It drives me mad using XP and not having this feature.

      I so agree James...
      Every time I jump on an XP desktop now, I vainly drag windows against the edges and nothing happens.

      A great feature of 7.

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