Connection Checker Disconnects You From Crappy Wi-Fi And 3G Connections For Battery Savings

Android: Try as we might, you can never avoid finicky Wi-Fi and low-signal areas. Connection Checker will save your phone's battery (and a little bit of your sanity) by disconnecting crappy connections automatically.

Connection Checker will check your connection every few minutes to see if you have internet. If not, it will automatically turn that connection off. If you're on Wi-Fi, that means it'll switch you back over to a probably more reliable 3G connection, and turn Wi-Fi back on later to see if it's gotten any better. If you're just running on your regular data connection but aren't getting any signal, it will put your phone in Airplane Mode, reconnecting when you have better access to the internet. Since your phone uses more battery when it has bad or no signal—since it's constantly trying to connect—having the data turn off entirely can be a real battery saver.

Connection Checker is a free download for Android devices. There is also a $1.65 Pro version with a few advanced features, like notifications and disabling autorun.

Connection Checker [Android Market via @JeremyChase]


    Been trialling this, but honestly - I'm still struggling to find any real use this app. It doesn't seem to make a huge difference to my level of reception, or my battery usage. This isn't really helped by a lack of explanation on the developers part on what the app does and how it does it.

    Worse yet, so far, it doesn't seem to place nicely with JuiceDefender :(

    Hi - programs installs well. When phone is in airplane mode (with WiFi turned ON) program just says "airplane mode" when asked to check connection.

    I always have to turn WiFi off when leaving home, thought this program might do that and even reconnect WiFi when home ?


      You can do this with JuiceDefender. You train it to know your WiFi locations, and when you're out of those areas, JD disables it.

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