Choose This Twitter Bot Solves Your Problems

Weighing up two options and can't decide between them? Just tweet your dilemma using the phrase "I don't know whether to A or B" and it will randomly pick one of the two options.

Yes, there are far better ways to make decisions, but if you've exhausted all the options, this provides a high-tech alternative to flipping a coin. Warning: checking out past responses by the bot may be a productivity time sink.

Choose This [Twitter via TadMod]


    Excellent... I can see this solving many arguments. I'll just pretend to the arguee that it is, in fact, a smart bot.

    I linked TadMod to this bot!/worldofshit on twitter after seeing this article, if you mention "Full Metal Jacket" is spits back movie quotes from Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.

    It's great.

    Lol, I tried this after taddy pointed it out. It didn't work for me, but the response I got from Mark was better than anything this bot would have come up with anyway :P

    The bot responded to my tweet before I'd heard of it. Made me laugh, I recognized it as a bot immediately, but a fun one, for sure.

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