Cairo Dock Is A Mac OS X Style Launcher For Ubuntu And Debian

Cairo Dock Is A Mac OS X Style Launcher For Ubuntu And Debian

Ubuntu/Debian Linux: Cairo Dock is an app launcher for Ubuntu and Debian Linux that closely mimics the sleek look and feel of the Mac OS X dock.

Cairo Dock works with or without OpenGL, and makes for a surprisingly functional visual improvement over the spartan Ubuntu Classic or Unity 2D interfaces in Ubuntu. It doesn’t just look slick, though; the dock allows customisation for behaviour, appearance, plug-ins and themes.

The OpenGL version of Cairo Dock is also known as GLX-Dock, and the two share all plug-ins as well as themes.

Both the dock itself and the app icons that sit on it can have their own separate themes, and you can add not just multiple docks but sub-docks for existing docks. More interestingly, you can add applets alongside apps, which is something the dock in OS X simply won’t do.

Cairo-Dock for Debian (Stable) [Launchpad via AddictiveTips]


  • Just for Ubuntu/Debian distros…? Really? 😛

    Also, to anyone who is interested and cairo isn’t really “your thing”, there are similar OS X style docks available for Linux such as docky and avante window navigator (awn), which both have similar end-user experiences and functionality (and are being actively developed). But of course, they are fairly big depending on the dependancies you need (~5-100mb).

    • “Just for Ubuntu/Debian distros…? Really? :P”
      – I like this one 😀

      Anyway, I agree with poltak regarding AWN. It’s one of the best. Easy to install and use.

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