Business Of Your Brain Analyses Your Outlook Data, Reports Your Productivity Killers

Windows only: Your Outlook data holds valuable clues about the way you work and what's stopping you from being productive. Business of Your Brain helps visualise that data, analysing the types of emails you receive, when your email tends to overflow, and more.If you're like me and have quite a lot of email stored in Outlook, Business of Your Brain can take a while to fully index your email (in fact, 20 minutes into indexing, the application was only a quarter of the way done scanning). Once it's done, though, this program from Xerox shows you a whole lot about your email.

For example, Business of Your Brain identifies the people who: send you the most attachments, the longest emails, and the most emails marked urgent. You might already know who those contacts are, but how about how many hours you've spent (or wasted) in meetings and how many of those were over an hour? The software also reports other interesting data like the words you type most often in sent emails and days when your email traffic is heaviest.

Disregarding the gross analogy that Outlook and email are your brain, Business of Your Brain gives a fascinating look into your email program, to help you identify the time-wasters and what may be stealing your focus. (Now, finally, you have visual proof that your co-worker is always out of the office.)

Business of Your Brain [Xerox]


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