Blank Canvas Signature For Gmail Adds Multiple Signatures

Chrome/Firefox: The Blank Canvas Signatures for Gmail extension helps you manage multiple email signatures — with support for HTML formatting and even across multiple email addresses, so you can have a different signature for each address you use with Gmail.

The extension allows rich customisation of your signature with images, style formatting, etc, via HTML, and you also get a real-time signature preview while editing your signature.

It's very useful for people who access their work email via Gmail and also one or more personal email accounts. You can have up to four different signatures per email address (choose from a category dropdown of: Default, Business, Family and Friends). Another feature is optional storage of your signatures in a bookmark that can be synced across multiple computers.

Download the free extension for Chrome or Firefox from the links below and let us know if they come in handy for you.

Blank Canvas Signatures for Gmail - Chrome, Firefox [via Addictive Tips]


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