Australian Businesses Are Slowly Getting The Encryption Message

Here at Lifehacker we're staunch advocates of using encryption to protect your private data, but many users and companies resist the idea because they think (erroneously) that it's too difficult to set up. However, it does seem that the concept is gradually gaining traction, with a new survey suggesting that just over half of Australian companies now use encryption systems in some way.

A survey of 419 Australian IT managers released by Symantec yesterday found that 57% used encryption on tape backups, 43% on file servers, 40% on databases, and 31% across entre PC drive volumes. The use of USB key encryption remains lower (19%), but had risen from 7% in the previous survey.

If you're keen to add some encryption to your own personal setup, check out our Hive Five of file encryption tools, our guide to smartphone security, how to secure your online life and tips for setting up a USB privacy toolkit.


    I'm still not sold on encrypting file servers and databases. Encryption is mostly useful when you're unsure about either the physical security of the device or who'll have access to them. Given a normal setup (your server is in a locked rack in a datacentre), what problem does encryption solve? You have to allow network access to users regardless, and if your server is compromised there's very little to stop them getting the data anyway.

    Encrypting the data on production servers should only be required if the server isn't securely located, maybe under somebody's desk in a satellite office.

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