Australia Post To Charge Fuel Surcharge From July 4

Australia Post To Charge Fuel Surcharge From July 4

If you’re planning a big clearout via eBay, it might make sense to do that before the end of June. On July 4, Australia Post will start incorporating a 1% fuel surcharge into the price of parcels, Express Post packages and all international letters and parcels.

Australia Posts says the surcharge is in response to rising fuel costs. The initial 1% surcharge will be locked in for three months, after which the proposal will be reviewed. Under that change, a single DL Express Post envelope will rise from $4.80 to $5.05. (There’s a full list of price changes on the Australia Post site.)

Postal charge rises are never popular — when Australia Post introduced a $9 surcharge for US parcels last year, there was a major outcry. What are your thoughts on the latest change?

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  • “Unaddressed mail”? wtf is unaddressed mail and why would I pay anything to post it?
    For that matter, what is “clean mail”? Do I get a discount if the thing I’m posting hasn’t fallen behind my desk a few times and been regularly sat on by the cat before I remember to post it?

    I think that list doesn’t include regular stamps? Generally I find the price on those goes up faster than I use the ones I buy and then I always wonder if my clearly marked “50c” stamp is going get my letter posted considering the cost for mailing a letter is now more than 50c.

    • Regular stamps require separate ACCC approval for price changes — they’re not part of this change, which (as the post says) is parcels and international mail.

    • Unaddressed mail is what most people refer to as Junk mail. Clean mail is used by business lodgements when they send significant amounts of mail. It just means they need to have the address printed in a set way so it can be read by a machine which saves handsorting it.

    • [Disclaimer: I’m an Australia Post employee, but don’t have anything remotely to do with pricing decisions etc.]

      Most of the main changes are happening to business customers, as other commenter have pointed out, the 60c it costs for a regular consumer to send a letter isn’t changing.

      What is changing is pricing for more specialized services that you’re likely never going to use unless you’re a big corporate.

      “Unaddressed mail” is a product that Aus Post offers to companies who basically want to send junk mail. They give us 1,000 flyers and say “deliver this to everyone in postcode 3222” or similar, so pricing on that service is increasing.

      “Clean Mail” is when a business wants to send more than 300 letters at once but they’ve not barcoded the addresses (that’s the little barcode that you see printed above your name from big companies like banks and utilities). However as a pre-condition to using this service the address on the letters must have been printed by a computer so it can be automatically OCRed by our sorting machines so that we can print the barcode on your behalf.

  • I can get 1 kg posted from China to Sydney for $12
    I can post 1 KG from Sydney to Adelaide for $12

    The delivery from China will take 4 business day, the local domestic post will take 3.

    Is Australia Post for real??? How is any Australian business supposed to compete.

  • FYI on the surcharge. It ain’t really for fuel but to offset the whining ‘private’ PO’s are making. They’re having to deal more with parcels (internet shopping from OS) & letter posting has dropped off considerably.

  • Hey, i thought by these guys delivering in bulk they’d achieve some sort of economies of scale or a “discount for bulk” – this is just plain old crying poor… maybe they’d be better off delivering every 2nd day and getting more done on those days?

  • I operate a business through eBay and on other websites across the web and this is ridiculous!

    I have seen I think 3 price rises since this time last year or more! I am getting sick of this, because postage is already enough as it is, so this is really annoying.

    Just a quick example of how cheap overseas postage is for other countries: a guy sends a box of books to Australia from the UK – costs him $42.75. On the other hand, the same box of books is sent to the UK from Australia and it costs $227! Talk about getting ripped off.

    Oh well, guess I will have to deal with yet another price rise.

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