Australia Post Selling Vodafone Pocket Wi-Fi For Half-Price


    Since Vodafone 3G data works less than half the time, this still isn't a very good deal.

    3G tag is pretty redundant when we're talking about Vodafone.

    Poor Vodafone. When will they just piss off.

    Australia post would be better of marketing this device as a paperweight, because that is about all it will be good for given the appalling state of Vodafones network and their even more dismal customer service.

    Poor coverage, coupled with slow speeds - just not worth it. Things will look up after August when their towers are upgraded.

      But they're moving a lot of their kit to 850MHz,so this won't benefit. Probably the reason for the fire sale

    I live in the country within sight of the hume hwy & vodafone pocket wifi works better than any of the other networks (I've tried them all). I never have dropouts & while it isn't as fast a landline, which isn't available, it's good enough for skype video etc.

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