Are You Drinking Less Australian Wine?

Looks like cheaper imports aren’t just affecting our gadget-buying habits. Quarterly data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that shipments of locally-produced wine have declined, while imports of wine have risen.

For the first quarter of this year, shipments of white wine fell 7.7% compared to the same period a year ago, while red wine was down 6.2%. At the same time, imports were up 2.2%, though they remain a small part of the overall market.

Have you noticed a change in your own wine-buying habits? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.



  • Nope, in fact my partner and I would be drinking /more/ Australian wine.

    We used to drink a fair amount of Rioja wine (Spain) as a ‘house red’ and New Zealand whites were usually a go, but lately we’ve gotten right back in to touring local producers (like I used to do in SA) and buying direct from the smaller wineries in our local area.

    So, rather than making a trip to Dan Murphies every few weeks, we now go to Margaret River ~quarterly and bring back a few cases. Plus, we get a relaxing Margaret River holiday at the same time!

    (Hint: Anybody in WA stop by Peacetree Estate in Margaret River. Everything done the old fashioned way, by hand, with no preservaties, additives, pesticides, etc. Farmed completely organic, and they don’t even water the vines. Whatever comes from the sky is what goes in to the grapes. Family owned and operated, they’re wonderful. Also, stop in and see Mario at McCloud Creek for a great chat and plenty of stories.)

    • If you want something cheap, reasonable, and closer to home, try Charlies Estate Winery in the swan valley. They seem to be a bit of a clearing house for local wineries excess stock, and of course you can taste anything before buying it.

      • Thanks steve, I’ll make a note to check it out. We’re actually not far from there, yet we never really seem to head out to grab the wines. Might have to change that.

        • We were getting cases of Lancaster Wines (swan valley) as the house red. Have been trying some Pemberton Shiraz lately also. Has a lighter, fruitier palate being slightly cooler area than Margaret River.

  • I buy Aussie when possible – however, the lure of Marlborough sauv blanc at a price that you can’t find for the same variety of wine made in Oz? Hard to beat the value.

    That being said, Wine selectors is fantastic – they’ll send you a case of Australian wine (I’m signed on for wine in the Hunter region) up to 5 times a year for a very reasonable amount. It’s always a mixed bag of very good drops. 🙂

  • Haven’t changed anything, buying AU wines particularly Queensland wines. Queensland wines are definitely my favourites (close to home)however, the majority of Aussie wines are also in my cellar….

  • This is killing local farmers.

    This year wineries paid about 10% of the what was paid for (per tonne) Chardonnay about 8-9 years ago.

    With the droughts in previous years and the flooding this year lots of farmers are going bankrupt.

    Plenty of grapes went unpicked this season. When I drove through Mildura a couple of months ago, you could smell the rotting grapes 10-15km up the freeway.

  • With a toddler and single income now, we’ve certainly cut our household wine consumption. Wine is now a treat for special occasions, or dinner with friends.
    However, when in a wine region I still like to taste and buy direct from the cellar door. Yes it works out more expensive per bottle, but a case of good wine a couple of times a year still costs us less than three bottles of cheap plonk each week.
    As well as being delicious, a unique or unknown wine also makes a great talking point at dinner with friends.

  • Also, how much bottled wine you purchase made from Coles, especially if you buy from First Choice or Liquor land.

    Coles do make their own wine using fancy labels. To tell, just look at the address. If it’s 800 Toorak Rd, then it’s a Coles brand.

    Good useful tip there.

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