Android’s New Hacker Dream ADK Makes Anything An Accessory

Android’s New Hacker Dream ADK Makes Anything An Accessory

Great news for tinkerers (and those who like their toys) – Google’s announced what they’re calling an “ADK”, allowing hardware devs to team up with software wizards to create DIY “open accessories”. Arduino-based, the tech will Android-ify anything you want.

Take, for example, Google’s Android-connected exercise bike, which pumped heart rate data from the cycle to the phone mid-exercise, or the fun demo of a labyrinth marble game tilt-controlled with an Android tablet. This is a hacker’s fantasy – a board that’ll integrate an Android device with… whatever they can stick it into. Powerful stuff, and fertile dirt for crazily inventive minds.

The control board’s USB only for now, but Bluetooth support is on the way. Essentially, the DIY crowd will now be able to supercharge their projects with Android-powered on-screen info, remote controls, or whatever else they can imagine. There won’t be any fees or licenses required to tinker, so we expect some serious creativity to blast out of the ADK – git yer soldering irons ready.

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  • This is based on IEEE 802.15.4 which is an open standard. You DON’T NEED android to use this standard. This is more of Google getting into something that’s been around for a long time and saying “look at what we invented”. Not that this is a bad thing if it pushes the acceptance of this technology. Just know, Google didn’t invent it and many development tools allready exist on many platforms.

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