An All-in-One Workspace Made From A Ribbon Of Wood

Today's featured workspace is a product of MisoSoupDesign. It's an all-in-one desk and shelving unit made out of bent wood that packs a well-organised computer workstation into one tiny, beautiful space.

Generally we prefer to post a person's workspace rather than a product from a company, but this was too awesome to pass up. While the flowing ribbon of wood that makes up MisoSoupDesign's K Workstation is still in development, it's one of the most excessively attractive, practical, and space-saving all-in-one workspaces we've seen. All you need is a chair and your stuff.

K Workstation [MisoSoupDesign via Dornob]


    Hi Adam,

    Unique concept, great design and most important it helps to save space.

    Thanks for sharing such a innovative designer furniture idea


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