AirServer Lets You Push Airplay Audio To Your Apple Computer

AirServer allows your computer to show itself as an Airplay speaker to compatible devices, which might seem silly or unnecessary to some, but it's actually pretty neat, especially if you think of iOS music apps.Say you have good speakers hooked up to your computer, and want to stream an iOS app such as Spin Play, Aweditorium or Woodstock to good speakers. You could tether your iDevice to those speakers, I suppose. Or you could just push the audio from said iDevice to your computer, and save yourself the trouble. And at $US3, the AirServer seems like a cheap multi-room audio solution.

AirServer [via Wired]


    I have found that another app called Airplayer by Eric Asadun yields better results than Airserver and is free too.

      This is just not true! AirServer works much better (and the review by WIRED proves it). Yeah, Airplayer was a great product... but then Erica used the community to milk feedback without reciprocating with free updates. Instead, she compiled all of the improvements other people helped her make into a separate product called Banana TV (which builds its reputation on the success of Airplayer) and charges $8 for it. Because she's an editor at TUAW, she gets to constantly post about how great Banana TV is at the same time that she is lazy about responding to support emails and pushing out proper updates. Using one's (supposedly objective) position at a reputable weblog to unfairly promote one's private business ventures is corrupt and deceives readers. Wonder why AirServer never got reviewed by TUAW or Modmyi?

    I wish someone will get around to making this new hacked into AirPlay protocol work on windows computers.

      use shairport

    Waiting for a PC version of these apps ever since the encryption was broken on the airport express. Still waiting......

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