Add An Inline Remote To Your Favorite Earbuds (Without Ruining Them)

So you've found the perfect pair of headphones, but you want to keep your iPhone headphones' remote and microphone. Here's a DIY solution to get the best of both worlds.

We've mentioned one way to make a hybrid iPhone headset, but it involved cutting up your nice headphones, which is pretty risky. Jason Imms of tech blog Tested shows us a better solution: instead of splicing the two headphones together, splice your iPhone headset with a female headphone socket.

That way, you can plug in your favourite headphones and get all the remote control goodness of the iPhone headset, with the high sound quality of your favourite earbuds. The hack requires some wire stripping and soldering chops, but it isn't that hard to learn, and it makes finding the perfect pair of headphones much easier. Hit the link to read more.

Hot To Make Any Pair of Headphones Smart Phone Capable [Tested]


    For those who are too scared to solder:

    I can confirm the pause/play works on everything (using it on Nexus One), the volume works on iDevices. It's nice and short.

    Would live to see a Bluetooth option for this!!

    Both the article’s two suggestions and olearymo’s are reasonably decent ones.

    Main qualm I’d have with making my run-through adaptor remote though, is that firstly, you end up with an inline microphone that isn’t much use, as it’d be nowhere near your mouth. Secondly, unless you shorten the original headset cable to place the remote closer to the male plug, you’re also going to end up with a combined headphone cable length of about 1.5 metres. Who wants that?

    Myself, I’d rather just pay the extra and get myself a pair of a-Jays Four earphones.

    Can anyone recommend a pair of earbuds with in-line controls that aren't exclusively for iPods? I haven't had much luck finding any in local stores.

    Does this actually work? Is the quality noticeably better? My issue is that this would just create bottlenecking of the audio signal, ie. the good quality earphones are only hearing good quality of what audio signal has passed through the shitty (iphone) earphones. Thus rendering the whole thing pointless. This may not be the actual case, just a thought.

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