4 Reasons Not To Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad

4 Reasons Not To Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad

We love jailbreaking our iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads because it opens up it opens up so many great new possibilities. It also has the potential to cause a lot of problems and headaches. Here’s why you might not want to jailbreak.

Goodbye Stability and Safety


While jailbreaking can provide you with plenty of options to increase the functionality of your iDevice, it can also cause things to work unexpectedly. Little extensions and add-ons can cause applications to crash, and you’re left to figure out what’s causing the problem yourself. Jailbreaking turns your mobile into a regular computer in the sense that solving a problem is no longer simple — it requires some knowledge and effort (if not a lot of it) to fix a problem. Yes, there are tools to help you troubleshoot problems but it’s not like it’s something that’s easy or you’re always going to want to do. If you like to know that things are just going to work, jailbreaking may not be your best bet.

Additionally, some security experts believe that jailbreaking your iDevice isn’t safe from a security standpoint. Opening up your device to new possibilities can also mean opening up your device to new vulnerabilities. While you can take steps to prevent that, it, again, takes a bit of effort that you may not be willing to perform.

You Don’t Get to Update iOS as Soon or as Easily


Updating a jailbroken device sucks. When you update, you lose your jailbreak, need to re-jailbreak, and then re-install all your jailbroken apps and extensions. There are tools like PkgBackup that can make restoring that stuff a bit easier, but it’s still not the same as performing an actual OS update. This can be frustrating and may prevent you from regularly updating iOS. In some cases this is fine, but given Apple’s latest track record there have been some significant issues requiring many incremental iOS updates (such as the location tracking “bug”) and those may be pretty important to you. (Of course there are generally jailbreak fixes for these things, such as Untrackerd — which fixed the location tracking bug.) When you’re jailbroken you have to wait a bit longer to update if you want to continue jailbreaking your device. This can be really frustrating when there’s a big software update with lots of neat new features or if you really need the latest bug fix. If you’re going to jailbreak, you better be patient.

You’ll Be Restoring Often


Jailbreaking is fairly easy to do — when it works. Sometimes, for unexplainable reasons, jailbreaking just fails. Either you’ll have to keep repeating the process until it works, which gets annoying, or you’ll find yourself performing a full restore pretty often. While restoring iOS doesn’t take all that long, restoring all your music, photos, videos, and other media isn’t a fast process. When you’re jailbreaking, you should plan to lose up to four hours of your time in case of a problem. This isn’t something that always happens, and hasn’t happened to me at all this year, but it has happened before and has happened to a lot of readers (because I hear from them). It can suck, so if you’re not prepared to put in the time — even though you may not have to — you shouldn’t jailbreak.[imgclear]

Good Jailbreak Apps are Pricey


If you don’t like paying for apps on the iTunes App Store, you’re going to hate paying for them on the Cydia Store. There are some amazing apps, and, personally, I have no problem shelling out the money for the developers, but the best ones are often paid apps/extensions and cost more, on average, than what you’ll find on iTunes. If you’re not ready to shell out some cash for some of the best options — like better notifications, better SMS, better app switching, retro game emulation, and more — you might want to keep your iDevice in its unjailbroken state.

All of this said, I still prefer to jailbreak my iDevice. I think it’s worth the inconvenience and I don’t care much about new updates now that iOS is pretty well-rounded. But I’m definitely not the majority in that case. Jailbreaking is not for everyone, so it’s good to know the downsides before you jump in.


  • I have currently jailbreaked my iphone. only small tweaks added: Stop the tracking and lock info.

    Next phone will probably be an android phone. I just get so annoyed with the iphones closed nature.

    • You have two directly opposing needs. You want “open”, yet don’t what tracking. You see Andriod is “free” because Google makes money on the tracking. Nothing is free for nothing. Google doesn’t make anything free for nothing. – they ads and they need to know who you are. Open networks like those of Sony, are obviously not secure. Being more open, leaves room for more hackers to get at your data. Obviously nothing is safe online, not even Apple, but there is semi safe and then safer. I’d rather go the Apple safer and closed environment.

    • Doesn’t iOS 4.3.3 cut the tracking?

      I know this isn’t the place to discuss the tracking itself, so we can avoid that.

      I went with an iPhone because it’s happy in the Mac environment and it’s a robust OS. Both of these features are reduced by jailbreaking; quite frankly, if I wanted the freedom it gives users, I would have bought an Android.

      I’m not condemning jailbreaking, by any means, but it’s not worth it for me.

  • I recently jaibroke my 3gs because the silent switch was broken. I am enjoying lockinfo and biteSMS, but I’m expecting Apple to incorporate some of those features into iOS5.
    If I was given a brand new iPhone tomorrow I probably wouldn’t jailbreak it though.

  • From what i have gathered jailbreaking also makes push notifications unreliable (even more so than they already are), and i do not want to invite that issue onto my phone.

    Part of the reason i went iPhone was because windows mobile 6 drove me insane and i wanted a phone that just worked, jailbreaking whilst would let me add cool features that Apple for some reason won’t add despite making it more competitive with android, would remove the main reason i went iPhone anyway.

  • Apps such as SBSettings, Winterboard, the UserAgentFaker tweak, and tweak that takes the iPod Touch’s Music and Video icons, and and changes them into the iPod app (as on the iPhone) [can’t remember the name at the moment] are too much of an intensive. That, combined with the general near-instant availability of features that would otherwise take Apple years to implement (Tethering, Video Recording, etc.) make the deal too sweet.

    Also, for anyone worrying about warranty, unless you mess up the hardware, or wipe your bootloader (not impossible – can be accomplished by deviating from some steps required during to install iDroid), a DFU restore is all you need. Though I imagine that’s illegal, not to mention immoral.

  • four devil’s advocates that absolutely nobody who regularly reads this blog would ever ask for or care about. how about a fifth: “computers are hard. just let the smart people deal with it. Apple do no wrong and look! a new iPad!”

  • I jailbroke my iPhone 4 using Limera1n about a year ago. I did it so I could use my phone’s dataplan on my iPad (using miwi). I hardly use this now.

    I’d like to go back, but am addicted to infinite folders (more than 120 apps in my ‘Lots of Games’ folder) and strongly attached to having 5 icons across the screen and in the system tray thingy.


    • I forgot to say, my phone takes a bit longer to boot up, but I have never had issues with stability and needing to restore. I have spent less than $20 on apps, most of which I use. (‘Pricey’ is maybe a slight exaggeration, maybe ‘more expensive than in the App Store’ would be more accurate; although even there you pay a bit for a good app, like TomTom.)


  • My cousin did a jailbreak on his ipad and wanted to do one on mine. I said no thanks, but he did his. He was showing off his many apps and I was almost considering, until his ipad broke within 1 month. He forfeited his warranty. TOO BAD!!!

  • Jailbreaking isn’t for everyone. Using a jailbroken iProduct to its fullest potential takes quite a bit of understanding that most people do not have. I jailbroke my iPod touch 4G within weeks of getting it and I now have all the best things for it. I can download movies at the click of a button. Who needs to buy them on the iTunes store? Nobody. Jailbreak your iDevice. Best decision you, as a reader, can ever make.

    • Who needs to pay for movies?….. music? You are the problem. Thanks for stealing works of art and putting artists out of business. I’d like to steal what you work for.

          • That is beside the point. All the money in the world they make does not justify stealing.
            So, lets say you have a good paying job that provides for your family… You are also able to put money in savings for your kids… And all that because you are really good at what you do.
            Then I come along, and break into your bank account and steal some money of you. Not all. Just some. But my mates do the same. And they all steal little bit. You still make money but not as much as you should. And you call that cool?
            But hold on – “As if you already don’t make enough money……..”

          • That’s completely different. Actors get paid upfront for the movie not based on how many sell…producers are the ones who make money based on how much they sell, BUT they also get huge amounts upfront from stores such a Walmart, and best buy. Not counting the fact most movies make the bulk of their cash from theater. They are honestly not suffering one bit–not counting the countless people who download also own or end up buying the movie anyways–and you are eating their propaganda about how downloading is hurting some of the richest people in America…think about it, how long have people been pirating? And the Hollywood fatcats have only gotten richer since. Show me proof that they have lost finances since the introduce of kpirating and I’ll eat my words…

    • What is the free app for apps that cost and also I don’t think I’m going to jailbreak my iPhone 6+ plus I span a make it totally in find able to anyone in the outside

  • oK.. I’ve been searching the web about jailbreaking my ipod touch, but im scared its goiing to mess up or something my ipods my like hahaha… and some of the stuff say’s it can ruien you stuff unless you know the right way to do it.. im confused should i do it?…

    • I was thinking the same, i messed up omce installed a tweak, it made a popup you couldn’t close. What did i do. I turned off my iPhone and went into safe mode. Fixed. What if that did’nt work. Well then i would just recover from a backup. THERE IS ALWAYS BACKUPS. Its almost imposseble to lose everything if you mess up, i think. Also about paying for cydia apps i used $0 because you can get them for free with some repos like biteyourapple xsellice hackyouriphone etc

  • Anyone who jailbreaks there iOS shouldn’t have a drive because your ripping off apple who made the device in the first place and also ripping off the app/game maker that u are getting free apps from!

  • All of these points are null, viewers. I’ll tell you why. 1. While Jailbreaking does lose apple protection, the only way you will get hacked or get a virus( which you can get on a jailbroken iDevice) is if you download tweaks/apps from untrustworthy resources/repo which is kinda like a small branch of, say, the AppStore, but for Cydia. The only way your IDevice will become unstable or laggy is if you download 20+ tweaks(which will only lag you by 2 seconds MAX) 2. Update/Restore every major iOS upgrade then rejailbreak, Wow! What a hassle right? 3. You only have to constantly restore if you get a Tethered Jailbreak, most people download an UnTethered jailbreak which means no frequent restoring! 4. 99% of all good cydia apps can be found here repo.insanelyi.com for FREE! To get it go to Cydia (after jailbreak) manage–>sources–>add source. Conclusion: Jailbreak your iDevice!!! It does void warranty BUT if you remove the jailbreak(via restore) Apple has no way of knowing, and basically all Jailbreaking is, is adding the Cydia App. If you want to jailbreak 5.0.1 use Redsn0w or Pwnagetool, if you own an iPad 2 or IPhone 4s use absinthe. Hope I’ve convinced you.

  • @Maya/Fallon It is 100% safe. @StaceyM Jailbreaking isn’t Illegal or “ripping of apple” it’s simply using the iDevices to their full potential, also Jailbreaking doesn’t get you free in app purchases, but there is tweak that does.

  • i jailbroke my iPod 4g , and everything is great . I changed the font, and a lot of other things. i want to jailbreak my iphone as well, but i dont want to mess anything up.

  • Stability depends on what you have installed. Something doesn’t work right? Uninstall it.
    Security? Jailbroken, I have an app that allows me to control every time my iDevices want to talk to the Internet – in other words, more secure and more PRIVACY!
    I don’t understand the “restore often” point as I have never had to restore a device.
    Good jailbreak apps are pricey? Some good apps on the AppStore are pricey. And?

    Not being able to update iOS as quickly can be a slight annoyance. But only for the same reason I always have to clear the little red update circle that displays on my icons. What I mean, Apple updates its software at a much slower pace than the Cydia/Jailbreak community can churn out various new tweaks and features that ultimately end up in iOS anyway. You get more with a jailbroken phone than the latest, bleeding edge iOS.

    How about this for a reason to NOT jailbreak: most iPhone users aren’t very tech-savvy. With a jailbroken iPhone, they are given the potential to do practically anything to their phone (others are as well!), including permanent software damage. Meaning, phone may go back to Apple/Verizon. However, with a little bit of knowledge (Google) and maybe a friend with a JB device, you’ll know enough to keep yourself out of any real trouble.

  • My 2c;

    Jailbraking opens up your iDevice and it allows it to do things that it would not normally do. Things like customizing the look of your iOS beyond what is available in App Store… There are some benefits but 90% of people are Jailbreaking their devices for one reason only – to steal Apps.
    So imagine if you are App developer. Someone who learned over many sleepless nights how to code and how to develop cool Apps. Than you finally come up with great idea and you turn it into an App that might sell and place food on your families table. So you sell it for $1.99 on App store. But someone comes around and hacks your App and shares it for free on Installious. Hey, all this App developers are making huge money so who cares!!!
    Wrong on so many levels. Most of the App developers are people like you and I, struggling to meet end every month. Unless they live mortgage free with their parents (like I suspect many of you commenting how stealing is cool).
    Let’s look at the math behind App sales:
    Let’s say you already developed cool app that might become popular. You’ve spent 2 – 3 months developing and polishing everything. Than it got approved by Apple and it’s in the store. So you start advertising your App and hope it will reach good sales.
    At $1.99 App needs 50,000 downloads to generate $70,000 revenue. Out of that revenue $67,000 is yours to keep. Fantastic hey?
    But that is sales over 2 years period…. So on average $33,500 per year…. Let’s have a look at this: The US average wage for 2012 is $41,673. So you are paid less than average wage for really cool App that lot’s of people want. Now start adding all the revenue lost because of illegal downloads from Installious….
    I dont think my post will change anyones opinion and I expect to get blasted here for telling you the truth… Want to JB your iDevice? That’s cool. Stealing Apps? Not cool.

  • The main reason to is not just to steal apps where are the statistics on it and where is you evidence. Have you conducted a survey to be able to qualify the truth of that statement? The reason why I have jail broken my phone are for flash, wifi printing and download ability I.e. to the phone. In my opinion what drives people to jailbreaking is the limitations that apple impose that reduce what should be easily accessible functionality. Apple do not do them selves any favors by limiting thing like flash when it clearly has the ability to provide the feature. Once people jb their phones to get what should be provided features at that point is when they realize how they can then get free apps.

  • Apple Iphone 4s is definitely at a disadvantage with the limitations compared the HTC EVO Android. For people that never had an Android you don’t know what your missing since you never had it. Apple is a big hype. Android is running a very competitive race and Apple is in need of some genius because those “loyal” customers will one day venture out and love what they are missing and never return. Maybe if I started out with the Iphone I would have a different story but I don’t. Me personally the need for jb is not to steal apps but to unleash the limitations set by the proprietary nature of Apple and it’s products. There are many apps that Apple doesn’t even offer that jb has so how is that stealing? I am CONSIDERING jb…

  • Ok. So I bought a jailbroken iPhone 4. It keeps doing whatever it wants lol when i type or do anything on it, ot closes whatever I’m using and hoes back to the main screens!!! Why? And how can i fix this?!?!?

  • This sounds like the Windows vs Mac vs Linux argument. Thus, my opinion on the matter is as such:
    • Mac limits your capacity to do advanced/personalised activities on your device. However, if you want a device that’s held by warranty to work software wise, it’s the OS for you.
    • Windows (or “a jailbroken device”) is more customisable and, though there is the potential for something to go wrong, there is enough of a support network for a user to google the problem and get a solution pretty fast.
    • Linux is king, everyone else go home. I suppose android could be vaguely pointed at as an equivalent? Linux is immensely customisable to the point you could probably invent something on it — but the support network compromises of people who are practically experts in computing and are enthusiasts. And trust me, stuff could go wrong or weird if you aren’t careful.

    In my opinion, I prefer windows (jailbroken) because google is your friend and I believe people should become a little more computer literate these days and quit relying on the corporate system to fix your problems for you.

    It isn’t illegal or immoral, since you are not making money off jailbreaking your iPhone.

  • can someone please help with my situation???
    yesterday i was playing the game “design this home” and i have played it many times, and this didnt happen. it all of a sudden froze, and the screen went black and the apple logo went up. then the spinny circle loading thing appeared ON THE APPLE LOGO and it spun for a second then stopped and so i held the home button and the off button at the same time, then the screen flashed white for a milisecond, and then tured black for about a second, then it turned back on and showed the apple logo. i let the battery run out, then i charged it and it did the exact same thing!!!
    so i have alot of questions.
    1. i got my ipod touch 2 years ago brand new from an authorized apple store. i think it is jailbroken. is this possible?
    2. it froze/crashed yesterday. i take good care of it. i dont drop it, it’s battery doesnt die often because i frequently charge it, and it hasnt touched water yet. why did the freezing/crashing happen?
    3. is this a result of jailbreaking?
    4. if i restore it, will all my apps, songs, pictures, and notes be gone???
    please reply somebody. i really dont want to pay money to buy a new one, and my ipod touch means alot to me. please please PLEASE somebody reply.

    many thanks,
    nadine o.

  • Jail breaking is worth it the best thing about jail breaking is you get the free to custom your phone /iPad for what u want like you can custom the control centre and if u have. I have Jailbroke my iPad and hone and nether any problems so if you do my suggestion is back it up and get the new iOS and jailbreak that but first have a look on the Internet if u can jailbreak that iOS version

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