Would You Pay 99 Cents For A Flight Details SMS?

I’m well used to the idea that budget airlines will try and charge for everything they can, so I wasn’t shocked when I booked a Jetstar flight recently and they whacked me with a $4 fee for choosing my seat. But I balked at the notion of paying 99 cents just so they could send me an SMS with the details of my booking.

There are fees which I personally wouldn’t pay, but which I can understand: the $6 for priority boarding, for instance, might be worth it if you’re travelling with small children or really want to snaffle an overhead locker. (Priority boarding makes even more sense on airlines like Ryanair where you don’t get seat allocations: in that context, getting on first is helpful if you’re a large family.)

But I can’t see why anyone would pay 99 cents to get sent basic flight information. If you’ve got a smart phone, you’ll get the confirmation email anyway. Even if you don’t, I’d have thought writing down the details (and perhaps storing them in the phone’s memo application) would be a better approach. What do readers think? Tell us in the comments.

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