What’s Your Favourite Software Repurposing Trick?

What’s Your Favourite Software Repurposing Trick?

Software is often designed for a specific purpose, but that doesn’t mean we have to use it that way. Do you use any software for a non-intended purpose? We’d like to know what you do and why.I’ve used project management software as a one-on-one communication tool with a friend. I also know some people who write screenplays in Microsoft Word because templates have been created to turn it into a screenwriting application I don’t personally see using Word to write something as that much of a repurpose – Oz ed. Sometimes software can take on a new life when you look for new ways to use it. Sometimes the software even grows because people find ways to repurpose it (as with Adobe Photoshop).

How have you repurposed software in clever ways? Share your ideas in the comments.


  • I tried to repurpose Bugzilla as a Complaints Tracking database for the small, family owned, confectionery manufacturer I used to work at.
    I figured that the general concepts of squashing software bugs and reporting/fixing quality issues in a food manufacturing environment were equivalent and there was no way I was ever going to get a budget suitable to buy and implement a proper solution.
    Sadly, even free wasn’t cheap enough for them to give me some space on the server to even run a test environment! 🙁

  • Excel is great for slicing a dicing a large lump of text which need to be inserted into multiple records and fields in a database. I can produce a nice set of SQL statements quickly that i can copy to the various database environments.

  • I use Dreamweaver to format large slabs of text. Sometimes for making into SQL queries, sometimes for batch files so I can bulk-move photos with a certain range of characters in the filename. Works like a charm, especially with regex support!

  • Visual Studio for removing non standard data of a certain length. For instance if I want to remove the time stamp (which can’t be removed with find and replace due to it changing on each line) I copy it into VS and Alt + Drag to select the block area and delete it.

    Kinda hard to explain D:

    I suggest people with VS test and tell people how awesome this idea is 🙂

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