'What's That Preference?' Tells You What Firefox's About:Config Entries Do

Firefox: If you regularly tweak entries in Firefox's about:config menu (as we often do), you've probably stumbled upon preferences that look interesting but you aren't sure how to use them. What's That Preference will tell you what they are.

You may not realise it, but Mozilla actually has loads of information about the preferences in about:config over at the MozillaZine Wiki. What's That Preference is a simple Firefox add-on that lets you look up any preference, from the about:config window, on the wiki. Just install it, and when you see something interesting in about:config, right-click on it and hit "MozillaZine reference" to see what it does.

What's That Preference is a free download, works wherever Firefox does.

What's That Preference? [Firefox Add-Ons via GHacks]


    Just what I need :) :)

    Its funny, I was just at the mozilla site looking for new and useful addons about 8 times in the last week and I never seen this one.

    It will save me many web searches.

    Thanks again Life Hacker :)

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