Videos On Google Video Will Be Removed At The End Of April

If you've ever uploaded a video to Google Video, you haven't got long to shift it elsewhere. Google will be removing all videos hosted on the service at the end of the month.

Google Operating System reproduces an email sent to people who have uploaded to Google Video in the past, noting that it will remove all existing videos from playback on April 29 and delete them altogether from May 13. Videos you've uploaded offer a download button that lets you grab the video from Google's servers before that date, though there's no process to automate moving to YouTube or another hosting service.

Google launched video hosting in 2005, but it failed to gain traction against YouTube, which Google ultimately ended up purchasing in 2006. The site continues to exist as a specialised video search engine (Google now refers to it as Google Videos rather than Google Video).

Videos Uploaded to Google Video Will Be Removed Next Month [Google Operating System]


    Anyone with a large amount of disk space, time and bandwith should hop on over to the IRC channel #googlegrape on EFNet. We're archiving Google Video.

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