Use Dock Cleats To Manage Long Cables And Cords

Dock cleats help keep ships' ropes in tidy order at the harbour. Use them in your (dry and higher-elevated) home, garage or office to tie off long cables and cords.

"Dock cleats" are those metal things lining the sides of piers the world over. While they've traditionally been used as tie-off points for ropes thrown from the sides of boats, there's no reason that they can't be used just as effectively for long, rope-like cables and cords, too.

The basic idea is to get a small cleat from the local hardware supply or boating accessories store, then fasten it to the wall near an area that's currently cluttered by cables too long to keep out of the way. Cleats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so they can be used indoors, in the yard, and on smaller surfaces.

The best part about using the cleats is the cost, since they can be found in stores for as little as $US5. That, and they instantly lend a bit of rugged nautical appeal to wherever you choose to install them. Photo by Janice Cullivan.

Using Dock Cleats as Cable Managers in Classrooms [The Mergy Notes]


    This sort of thing, where cables are wrapped into tight loops has been covered well and truly in previous posts, and each time the reply has been fervently that wrapping your cables tightly is bad for them! This one is particularly bad, as they are wound quite tightly around the cleat. The bottom line!! don't do it!! :(

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