Use Chrome And To Track Pomodoro Breaks

The Pomodoro technique is a popular approach to improving productivity by working on tasks for a fixed length of time. Lifehacker reader (and frequent commenter) Jess shares a neat trick for timing your Pomodoro breaks in Chrome.

Here's how Jess uses Chrome and the web-based timer:

Chrome seems to "pulse" a Pinned tab whenever the title of the page is changed. updates the page title with the remaining time in a Pomodoro/break. Combining the two, you can pin a tab which chrome will then pulse while the timer is ticking down. Once it stops pulsing, the timer is up! Perfect for when you can't have your speakers / headphones handy to listen for the "Ding", and it means no more constantly switching tabs.

You can also achieve similar results with the Chromodoro extension, but this is a clever approach if you like to keep extensions minimal. Thanks Jess!


    I love the Pomodoro Technique. Especially at times when I feel like procrastinating, that's usually when I will kick in a pomodoro.

    Hi to all. I invite all the readers of this article to participate as BETA testers to my project which is the on-line version of The Pomodoro Technique.

    Thank you!

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