TPG, eBay Win Geek Categories At Choice Awards

TPG, eBay Win Geek Categories At Choice Awards

Consumer advocate Choice presented its 2011 awards last night, identifying People’s Choice winners based on a survey of its 12,477 members. eBay won the best online retailer award, while TPG beat out all the major carriers for best mobile phone service.

TPG’s topping the list reinforces a trend we’ve seen in our own awards: we often favour smaller comms providers over the major brands. Choice also asked members to rank ISPs, but no clear winner emerged, though perennial Lifehacker favourites Internode and iiNet, as well as Adam and Westnet, were singled out for good customer service.

eBay scored far more votes than its nearest rivals, Apple and Amazon. The top 10 was rounded out by Deals Direct, Ticketek, Ezibuy, Catch Of The Day, The Book Depository, GetPrice and StrawberryNET.

In the physical retailing category, the top-ranked choice was Bunnings, while Harvey Norman dropped from second in 2010 to ninth this year. That could make the chain’s belated plans to sell online even more difficult than they already are, what with Gerry Harvey’s apparent belief that the mere notion of online selling is doomed to failure.

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  • I love TPG, they clearly have the BEST service across all their products… ADSL, Mobile and the customer service dept is simply fantastic !!! Well done guys !!! Great work… thoroughly deserved. If only guys like iiNet and Internode could ever get CLOSE to the quality of TPG… the world would be a happy place…

    eBay has long been my first-last-and-only place for online shopping. I’ve had such great results and saved so much money on quality goods from excellent sellers over the years. Never a problem and just like TPG, the customer service at eBay is always willing to go 110% to battle for me if any issues arrive. (same for PayPal…)

    Choice has really NAILED these two awards IMO….

  • I find Ebay harder and harder to shop with. My primary reason for using Ebay is that I mostly prefer to buy things 2nd hand if possible. Now, the (often dodgy) new items far out-number the genuine I-don’t-want-it-anymore-so-I’m-selling-it used items so that it becomes a huge exercise in filtering and scrolling and skimming just to find a couple of possible options. Of course this problem would largely go away if everyone actually filled out their item description properly so the filtering options didn’t have 100s or 1000s or items in the ‘undefined’ category.
    Not that this takes away from the service and features Ebay offers, I suppose. I just wanted to complain.

    Also – ha! see, TPG should have been in yesterday(?)’s mobile planhacker 🙂

  • Love TPG. Have been with them since 2003 (except for 10 months with Telstra when I moved) and have never ever had any trouble. Contrast that with Bigpond where in the short time I was with them I had to call them almost every month to rectify lost/slow connections. And,Bigpond cost me almost exactly 3 times what I pay TPG.

  • Tpg’s service is good but their billing is poor.

    Im getting billed from them for loaning my card to a friend when his card was declined one month, he called them every month for a while to have them correct this but eventually we gave up and he just pays me for his internet bill.

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