Top 10 Uses For Twitter (That Aren’t Self-Indulgent)

Top 10 Uses For Twitter (That Aren’t Self-Indulgent)

Since Twitter’s inception, it’s been looked down upon as a place for self-centered technophiles to share the mundane details of their lives. We at Lifehacker know better than that, though—here are our favourite ways to turn Twitter into a useful tool, without becoming one yourself.We’ve shared some of our non-breakfast related Twitter uses before, but over the past few years Twitter has evolved, grown more popular, and we’ve just discovered more clever and productive uses for it. Some of these you may recognise, but even the ones we’ve discussed before may have been updated, so be sure to check them all out if you’re looking to upgrade your Twitter usage.

10. Quickly Access Productivity Tools

send memos to Evernoteperforming those tasks straight from the address bar

9. Get Search Results For Timely News

find out who got voted off American

8. Find A Job

talked about how to do thisTweetMyJobsnotesPhoto remixed from an original by Janet McKnight

7. Get Up-To-The-Minute Updates On Your Favourite Software


6. Use It As A Quick-Access Cloud Notebook

jot down ideasuse it as a short-post journal

5. Discover News And Articles You Otherwise Wouldn’t Have

@cnnbrkroutinely unfollow people

4. Get Alerts And Inspiration On Pretty Much Anything


3. Control DIY Home Automation Projects

Whether you need to send a quick command or get alerts for something happening at home, Twitter has become a very popular tool for home automation projects. You can do something simple like control your PC from afar with TweetMyPC, or do a more complicated project like tell your coffee pot to start brewing. With the Twitter API and an Arduino, there are pretty much no limits to what you can control.

2. Get Instant Customer Support

1. Get Specific Answers And Advice From A Knowledgeable Pool

These are some of our favourite clever uses we’ve discovered over the years, but there’s bound to be more out there. So if you have a clever way of using Twitter (productive or not), be sure to share it with us in the comments below.


  • One of the things I love about twitter is the ability, through a search, to create a kind of instant and dynamic community of people with whom you share an interest. I often set up a search for a band I like, and when people tweet about that band I follow them for a while or interact with them to find out what other music preferences they have and thus discover new music – in the process you also find out a lot of interesting things about the bands as well.

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