The Ridiculous Range Of ‘Size 8’ In Women’s Clothing

The Ridiculous Range Of ‘Size 8’ In Women’s Clothing

There is almost no reality-based standard by which clothing is sized and labelled. It’s easy to see in guys’ jeans, but as the New York Times shows in an eye-opening graphic, women have it much, much worse.

The Times does suggest a ray of hope inside the maelstrom of (somewhat intentional) confusion. There’s a movement afoot to create standards for sizing, and one firm, MyBestFit, is slowly rolling out a full body scanner to provide sizing guidance across all brands. In the meantime, merchandise returns will continue to be a big part of clothing retail, and charts like the Times’ can only try to provide a little guidance.

Got any sizing tips, or horror stories, of your own to share? Let’s hear them in the comments.

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  • Why not simply use actual measurements (in inches or centimetres), as opposed to an arbitrary size number? I know some women may be sensitive about confronting their ACTUAL WAIST SIZE OH MY GOD I’M HOW BIG but is the confusion worth it?

  • The tendency for men’s pants and shirt collars to have actual measurements as sizes should be extended to as many areas of clothing as possible – men’s, women’s, kids’ etc.

    Men’s shirts should be next: half of my shirts are too short in the arms; another bunch are waay too big at the belly, but all have the same “neck” measurement. It’s not as though neck/waist/bust/arm specifications don’t already exist for these garments. Just print ’em on the label and I’ll be first in line to refresh my wardrobe!

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