The DuaLink USB Cable Syncs Multiple iOS Devices At Once

Chances are you've got more than one iDevice hanging around, and it can be annoying to sync them one by one. The duaLink USB splitter lets you plug two iOS gadgets into one USB ports and sync them at the same time.

Every time you get a new album on iTunes, you have to sync your iPod, sync your iPhone, sync your iPad, and continue with however many iDevices you have strewn about your house. If you'd like to speed up the process a bit, the duaLink USB splitter cable will charge and sync two devices at once through one port on your computer. (Note that the iPad requires a lot of power and won't charge from the duaLink splitter, but will still sync just fine alongside another iDevice). Hit the link to check it out (shipping to Australia appears to be around $10, which isn't too bad).

duaLink Sync Splitter Cable for iPod and iPhone [CableJive via Swissmiss]


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