Telstra Upgrades BYO Phone Plans

Planning to source your own mobile phone but still figure Telstra has the best network for your needs? New changes to the company’s BYO plans make it a potentially more appealing option, upping the data and text inclusions.The BYO plans are now essentially the same as the recently updated Freedom Connect plans, but with one twist: you get “one plan up” compared to the same standard Freedom Connect offering. Hence the $49 BYO plan has the same options as the $59 Freedom Connect plan, the $59 the same as the $79, the $70 the same as the $99, and the $99 BYO the same as the $129 Freedom Connect deal. (That means all the BYO plans include unlimited Australian texts, and all but the $49 BYO plan include free voicemail retrieval.)

Of course, the sticker is that you don’t get any handset included and you’re still stuck with a contract (though you can choose 12 months rather than 24). While there’s a surcharge on newer handsets, there are options on Freedom Connect that include a phone as well, so you need to factor that into your calculations if you are going to be buying a new mobile anyway.

The new plans go on sale from today. Like the sound of this, or still figure you might as well get a bundled phone if you’re signing up to a long-term contract? Share your perspective in the comments.


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