Taskforce Adds Lists And Upgrades Its Gmail Task Management

Chrome/Firefox/Safari: Taskforce, the task management system that tucks itself neatly into Gmail or Google Apps mail, has grown up quite a bit since its beta. The web app supports more browsers, has a more robust task management system, and does a better job of converting emails into tasks and keeping track of them.Allowing for multiple lists is something Taskforce sorely needed, and it's implemented well here. Another feature much-requested by our beta testers was a direct link to the email one created a task from, and that's been implemented as well. Now you can create tasks from any email message, check out that email later on, and also have certain bulk or message emails from Facebook, LinkedIn or other services automatically create tasks. You can also share tasks with others by mailing them from Taskforce, and lots of goodies, including calendar integration, are on the way.

Taskforce is a free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and works with Gmail or Google Apps mail accounts.



    So, why does taskforce need to know ALL of my gmail contacts?

    Honestly, I liked Taskforce. Just seemed a bit too pricey for me. The problem now is how to get it off my Gmail setup.

    Any help?

    Thanks, Jack

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