SwipePad Is A Quick Launcher For Your Favourite Android Apps

Android: SwipePad for Android is a simple way to get to your frequently-used apps quickly, no matter what you're doing.

With SwipePad you can set the region of your screen you want to use to toggle the shortcut pad. By default the region is set to the top right side of your screen. Simply slide your finger down the right side of your screen and then to the middle and 12 app-launching slots appear. You can assign individual apps to each slot by holding your finger over a slot for two seconds.

The beauty of SwipePad is its speed and low resource use. Over the past few days using it I haven't noticed any crashing, lagging or battery drain associated with this app. Check it out and let us know what you think.

SwipePad Beta [Android Market]


    Been using this for around a month now, haven't noticed any issues so far

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