Striped Walls And A Small Desk: A Corner Office

Today's featured workspace is a very neat and tidy little office that chooses a smaller desk in favour of extra seating and closed storage.The idea behind this workspace was to keep storage in closed spaces to reduce visual clutter and make the office as polished as possible — while also making it a little fancy. There's barely a cable in sight and everything is out of the way. If your laptop is your centralised location for everything you do and you don't need to worry about peripherals, paper, or other things that often find themselves strewn about a desk, you may want to focus on closed storage for your space as well. While your items are slightly less accessible, they're out of your way when it's time to work. Clear and open spaces can make a huge difference, even if your desk is facing the corner of the room.

Stylishly Chic Home Office Makeover [The Office Stylist]


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