Set Up Google Apps Before May 10 To Avoid A 10-User Limit


    Note: You have to have a domain to register a google apps account, but the domain doesn't have to be linked to google immediately/ever. You can verify the domain as owned by you just by adding a text dns record/putting a specific file on the domain website and then not use google apps for months.

    So if you're even vaguely considering you might want google apps later and you own a domain, you can register now and get the 50 free accounts for when you need them.

    Great tip.

    @Steve, thanks for this tip as well, now I've set up GAFYD for work, and can now go through the long process of convincing the boss it should happen without disrupting existing services.

    One thing: if you currently have a work account ([email protected]) associated with Google, then it won't let you set up that account as the administrator of the apps domain. Advice to rectify this? I dissociated it with the Gmail account, but still no joy.

    Lastly: does LH have an opinion on whether it is better to have multiple domains as multiple (different) Apps accounts, or to use Google's multi-domain alias function and have all domains part of the same Apps account?

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