Rainbow Waterfall Desktop

Today's featured desktop comes from Flickr user sorrylois and features what looks like a rainbow waterfall, or maybe panelling, and a very nice, very minimal theme.

Here's what you need to make your desktop just like this one:

The wallpaper is, unfortunately, lost in the ether. (If you know what it is, please share a link in the comments.) If you'd like some alternative rainbow wallpapers instead, check these out.

aprl4desk [Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell Flickr Group]


    Go minimal without the loss of the colour icons: Personalise your Vista/Win7 desktop by selecting the "Slate" window colour, Intensity to max, Brightness to Min - so the windows look blackish - very Smartphone looking.
    Then if you are like me and never see your desktop with all of the windows open, change it to solid colour. I did a customise and picked a very dark grey - Sounds boring, but looks sleek.

    Rainbow flag desktop? hmm...

    Wallpaper is now on the flickr page http://postimage.org/image/15fogir6s/

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