Put Firefox Downloads In A New Tab Instead Of A Separate Window

Firefox's separate downloads window can get kind of annoying, especially if you don't have the screen space to be moving windows around. The Downloads in Tab extension will let you monitor those downloads in a tab, Google Chrome-style.

If you've switched from Chrome to Firefox, but you miss seeing your downloads in a new tab, this extension will help ease your mind. Just install the extension, and all further downloads will open a new tab in your tab bar, just like in Chrome — you'll be able to monitor them, open them when they're finished, and clear the list right from there. You can even customise where the tab shows up and whether it automatically focuses by going into the extension's preferences.

Downloads in Tab is a free download for Firefox only. If you'd like even more space-savings, you can also check out Download Statusbar, which puts those downloads — you guessed it — down near your status bar.

Downloads in Tab [Mozilla Add-Ons via How-To Geek]


    You're better off using DownloadThemall! cos "Downloads in a Tab won't stay running if you close FF, plus it doesn't use multiple segments for better speed!!

      Calm down dude.

        Calm down!,.. There was no inflection at all in my post!! Simply an opinion!! What is it that I have to calm down about? :{

          While exclamation marks aren't inflection per se, it does read as a rather urgent and frantic post.

    Personally, I'm a huge fan of Download Statusbar..

    Only downside is that there's not a "don't let firefox close when downloading" option.. It's so unintrusive that I often forget it's running until I open up FF the next time or go searching for said download..

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