Pocket Weather Brings Accurate Aussie Weather To Your iOS Device

iOS: Weather apps aren't exactly uncommon on the iPhone, but Pocket Weather stands out from the crowd for two features: accurate Aussie data and a neat home-screen indicator of the temperature in your chosen location.

When we mentioned iOS weather app Celsius last week, a chorus of readers sprang up to sing the praises of Pocket Weather. Like Celsius, it provides a current temperature indicator on its icon on your home screen, giving you a quick weather check. It also supports a wide range of Australian locations and draws its data directly from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Pocket Weather is a $2.49 download for iOS devices. A free 'Lite' version is also available, but drops several features including the home screen indicator.

Pocket Weather/Pocket Weather Lite [iTunes Store]


    weatherzone is pretty good too.

    Weatherzone Plus has all this and 3 hourly forecasts so you can see how the days is going to evolve. It's also $2.49

    I think this app is great, best weather app on the app store. I don't really like having the temperate displayed on the app icon though as it keeps making me think there's something I need to attend to when there really isn't, but the UI is great and everybody should try it out.

    I've been using this since the day it came out and have just watched it grow and grow. It's amazing how it's gone from something almost as simple as the default IOS weather app to something absolutely packed with features. Amazingly it manages to pack it all in without feeling bloated either...

    I noticed the previous version was draining my battery when I had the current temp ico badge turned on. Does it still have the issue?

    This App is awesome! Mostly but together by a bunch of Adelaide guys. I've never noticed a battery draining issue with any version of the App.

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