Photosynth For iOS Creates 360-Degree Panoramas As You Spin

We’ve previously looked at how to create a photosynth with your regular camera but now you can do it easily with your iDevice. Microsoft’s new Photosynth app for iOS actually works quite a bit better than the desktop version — at least once you get the hang of it.

When I first tried Photosynth for iOS I thought it was horribly broken. I could not seem to get more than two photographs and definitely nowhere near a completed photosynth. The app tries to guide you with some suggestions like keeping as still as possible, but it understates that point pretty significantly. To create a photosynth, you need to launch the app and press start. The app will take photos automatically as you move, and that photo will appear on your screen in an immediate 3D rendering of the space you’re in, but you have to stay aligned to the previous photo or the next one will not capture. (If you want to see how not to do it, take a look at the screenshots posted up top.) Stay as aligned as possible and move as slowly as you can and the app works just great.

The results the Photosynth app produces are also really nice. I found that looking around my successful photosynth was a much more seamless experience than the ones I made with my standalone digital camera. Everything taken with my iPhone stitched together seamlessly and having the app guide me through the process — once I figured out how the process works properly — made things very easy. If you want to make photosynths, the iOS app is a much easier method of accomplishing the task.

Photosynth (Free) [iTunes App Store via ReadWriteWeb]

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