Optus Starts Selling HTC Incredible S This Weekend

The Gingerbread version of Android has lots of neat features, so it's good to see the ranks of phones shipping with it expand. Optus will begin selling the HTC Incredible S in stores from this weekend, and will offer it online from May 6.

The Incredible S has an unusual design for its back, which is quite difficult to describe; suffice to say you'll either love it or hate it. Optus will offer it with no additional handset fee on its $49 and higher-priced caps; check out our guide to contract caps to see what your options are.


    funny to have an article about optus and the incredible s without one link to either

      As it doesn't go on sale online until May 6, nowhere to link to yet.

        here you go: http://www.htc.com/au/product/incredibles/overview.html

    Where is my Desire S on Telstra :(

    I rang Telstra today and asked them when they will be getting the desire s and how much it will be and no one had even heard of the phone, when I told him it was a telstra exclusive, he asked me where did I hear about that, I said on telstra news page. So at a guess it wont be out for a long time.

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