Open Crisp Packets From The Bottom To Ensure Maximum Flavour

Pouring out a packet of crisps or other savoury snacks for sharing? Rip open the foil packet from the bottom rather than the top and you'll ensure that more of the flavourings which have settled to the bottom of the package actually get distributed across the crisps.

You may have been doing this for years, but if not, it's definitely a trick worth adopting, as Lifehacker's publisher Seamus reminded me earlier this week when there was a spare packet kicking around the office and crying out to be shared. Obviously, it's also a good strategy for savoury biscuits (Shapes and their ilk), which can also find all their most flavourful elements elusively clustered at the base.


    Actually wouldn't this only work if you're eating from the packet? ... If you are pouring the chips into a bowl they will get mixed better if you open from the top.

    mmm I think it means that if you open from bottom more of the flavouring comes out rather than sticking to the packet due to the contents rubbing against the sides on the way out, hence picking up more.
    *goes off to find some CHIPS*

    Crisps? really? Shal we also go down the boozer and have a few pints :S

    I was under the imperssion we called them CHIPS :P

      I went with crisps for clarity. On a tech site, chips can have other meanings. On sites that also write about takeaway food, the risk is doubled.

        Fair call Angus, sorry i couldn't help the pommy dig there mate ;-)

      Haha and here I was about to commend Angus on using Crisps. It just sounds better than 'chips' imo.

    Who needs bowls?

    i just shake the bag upside down first before opening

    ...I never realised snack-food required so much planning prior to consuming...

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