MIUI-AU Android ROM Adds Australian Network Details

Earlier this week, we looked at Android ROM MIUI, which makes radical changes to the standard Android look and feel. Reader poltak points out that there's a specific MIUI-AU build for the HTC Desire which has the APN settings for all Australian mobile networks built-in.

While you should be able to add your APN details with a little manual work on the standard release, having them baked in will make things easier if you're tempted by MIUI's iOS-like aesthetic and potential speed improvements. The ROM also appears to be updated pretty regularly. For full details of what MIUI offers, check out our original post. If anyone has successfully installed MIUI-AU this on a device other than the Desire, we'd love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks poltak



    I installed the AU version about 2 days ago and have been using it since. It's quite unique in how much like an iPhone is really is while still being an android. No app draw at all, anything you install will place a launcher on one of your home windows and thats how it. The customising is really quite easy, and there are a lot of Themes you can easily download. The themes themself just improve on an already really streamlined look. its also nice to see how quick the rom is, very smooth. Overall im fairly impressed, but its quite a stretch away from your standard CM7 that it's quite a difference, and it can confuse at first. still, i would recommend it for those looking for a change, or those familiar with an iOS device, who wants something similar.

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