Long White Tables, Comfy Chairs: Shared Workspace For Two

Today's featured workspace comes from Deepak and Divya, who share a couple of IKEA work tables and organise their stuff in good old-fashioned file cabinets and bins.We often feature workspaces that are specially decorated and use clever tricks to repurpose everyday items for better organisation. Those things are great, but so are the basics. This workspace is an example of how the long-standing reliable, methods of organising your stuff can make for a very functional and attractive home office. It's also pretty amazing that there are four computers packed into this workspace. Can you spot them all?

Divya and Deepak's Workspace [Flickr via Unplggd]


    Am I the only one to think straddling those table legs might get a tad uncomfortable? I think the monitor may live a little further over but that wouldn't have made such a nice picture ;)

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