LocalScope Uses Search Results, Social Media And Your Location To Help You Find Nearby Places

iOS: LocalScope is a neat app for your iPhone (or other location-aware iDevice) that utilises not only search results to help you find stuff around you, but also social media sites as well.

There are a lot of apps for iOS that try to help you find nearby places using your location and search results, but Localscope stands out for a couple of reasons. First off, the interface is remarkably easy to use. You search like you’d search with any app, but you simply slide between various information providers beneath your results to look for other options.

You’re also not limited to just search engines. Localscope will search social media tools like Twitter and Foursquare for results as well. While you can’t search all providers at once for a combined list of results, this isn’t a huge drawback since you can switch between them so quickly.

Another neat thing that Localscope can do is provide your results as regular search listings, pins on a map, or even using augmented reality. This means you can use it to search like the standard Maps application built in to your iDevice, but if you’re having trouble locating the place you’re looking for you can switch into augmented reality mode for some guidance.

Localscope is available right now, on the iTunes App Store, for $2.49.

Localscope ($2.49) [iTunes App Store]

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