Learn Ubuntu 11.04’s Keyboard Shortcuts With This Wallpaper

Learn Ubuntu 11.04’s Keyboard Shortcuts With This Wallpaper
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The Unity-powered Ubuntu 11.04 is finally out, and with it comes a slew of new keyboard shortcuts for the new interface. They can seem a bit overwhelming at first, so spend a few days getting acclimated with this wallpaper-formatted shortcut list.

The Unity interface is a pretty big overhaul, and whether you’re already a fan or you’re begrudgingly giving it a chance, one thing that’s going to really improve your experience is knowing all those new keyboard shortcuts. From opening the new launcher to managing your windows, things will go a lot quicker with a list at your side. Luckily for us, a helpful fellow over at AskUbuntu.com has created a version of the Ubuntu wallpaper that has all the new shortcuts beautifully laid out for quick reference.

If having the keyboard shortcut-laden wallpaper isn’t your thing, it’s still a handy guide to have around, since there’s a ton of new stuff in the shortcut department. Hit the link below to check it out.

Unity Keyboard/Mouse Shortcuts [Ask Ubuntu via How-To Geek]


  • update to the new 11.04 on my VB at work yesterday and it error out on the unity saying it didn’t met the specs tio run it …any know if there’s a fix for that?

  • Same with me; tried full install, live CD, Virtual all would not run unity. Then upon trying to install the latest nvidia drivers i also could not do that without it hanging.

    Seems they have released Unity prematurely, most people can not even run it. How horrible..

  • After installing the latest nVidia drivers, ubuntu automatically loaded unity. Unity is the best feeling to have come to ubuntu users. Find a solution to your problems, it has nothing to do with ubuntu

  • Recently installed 11.04- unity ran fine once I updated the NVIDIA driver. If you try and update the driver while in the ‘demo mode’ of the install CD it hangs. Install and then update and everything should go smoothly. Unity is really sleek and I’ve had nothing but a great experience so far.

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