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We were talking trends, trains, tablets and TVs. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Ten Key Findings From Whirlpool’s Annual Broadband Survey
    Each year, we eagerly await the results of Whirlpool’s annual survey for an insight into what tech-savvy people in Australia think about broadband issues. The big topics this year? Downloading media (though not necessarily paying for it), monthly limits and — of course — the NBN.
  2. Is It Worth Walking To Sydney Airport From Mascot Station?
    Getting to the airport in Sydney by train is efficient, but not particularly cheap. Is it worthwhile to get off one stop early and walk to save a bit over $10? Lifehacker decided to find out.
  3. Ask LH: What Should I Do With My Old Flat-Screen TV?
    Dear Lifehacker, A simple question: what can I do with a 32-inch spare flat-screen TV? Thanks, Bigger Screen
  4. Is SSD Worth It? Performance Tests With MacBook Pro
    Solid State Drives cost more per gigabyte than standard hard drives but promise better performance, durability and more. Just how much more? Macworld tested a couple of MacBook Pros (one with typical HDD and the other upgraded with SSD) to find out.
  5. How To Avoid Getting Soaked In The Rain Without An Umbrella
    It’s raining out and you’ve forgotten your umbrella. You don’t have a hoodie. You’re going to get wet. What do you do? Apparently the key to avoiding the rain as best you can with nothing but your human body is to lean forward and run as fast as you can.
  6. Ask LH: Which Tablet Should I Buy For Work?
    Dear Lifehacker, I need some advice! My employers want to buy me an iPad or an Android equivalent. I’m leaning more towards Android, largely for its warm-inner-glow-from-opensource-ness, but am not very familiar yet with its suitability for enterprise/work environments (would, for example, it work with our Citrix gateway?). I was wondering if you could ask Lifehacker readers with experience with both what they thought? Thanks, Tablet Dilemma
  7. Make Easy Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave
    I was never much of a fan of making scrambled eggs until I learnt how to do it in a microwave, which I find more reliable and less messy for cleanup. Since then, it’s been a long-standing kitchen staple. Here’s how I do it.
  8. Tactics For Taking A Sickie And Not Getting Noticed
    Over at Kotaku, Mark has posted a guide to chucking the perfect sickie for people who want to play Portal 2 (or any other major new game release). While it’s very tongue in cheek (and arguably not needed when many of us are looking forward to a five-day weekend), it does raise some useful points worth remembering if you plan to take a day off work that isn’t entirely due to sickness.
  9. Bring Your Work Into Focus With These Mostly Bokeh Wallpapers
    The least productive wallpapers are the busy ones, so today we’re bringing photographic wallpaper with shallow depth of field, very selective focus, and a few beautiful shots that aren’t even in focus at all.
  10. Lifehacker Versus Gizmodo: The BlackBerry PlayBook
    BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet is one of the major gadget releases of the year. You’ve already heard Lifehacker’s thoughts on the device, but what does a dedicated gadget hound like Gizmodo editor Nick Broughall think of it? Find out as we go head-to-head.

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