Kogan's Agora Android Tablet Sold Out In A Day

It looks like the 7" Agora Android tablet from Kogan has hit the mark with consumers: the initial run sold out within a day of being announced, which means that, as we've seen before, the LivePrice-generated price has actually dropped again (the first batch rose to $153; as I type, the second batch, which ships on May 30, is up to around $143 from the $139 starting price.) [Kogan]


    It isn't going to stay sold out for long with people putting in for a refund.

    Kogan made an error with the specs and it doesn't have a 1024x600 screen it has a 800x480 screen.

    This has killed the hype/deal for a lot of people as the screen res made this tablet unique and 'good'

      Have also noticed that bluetooth isn't listed on the specs any more.

      This tablet isn't all that great any more.

    I recently used the Liveprice option to buy something of Kogan and I thought it was a great idea and thought I've saved myself a few dollars.

    Later that night I find the same product again on LivePrice way cheaper than what I paid for.

    The Liveprice information the Kogan site states "Customers who get in earliest will receive the best prices". But when I contacted Kogan they said, I bought in a batch and they are now selling another batch.

    So, this statement ""Customers who get in earliest will receive the best prices" from Kogan, is false and misleading.

    They are not really giving the best price for the customers who get in early. Shonky hey..

    I was given with the option of cancelling my order and buy again in the next batch. Insane...

      I think they mean 'get in earliest' on each item.

    I bet the 720p HD support is only available through the HDMI cable

    How do we know that they were all sold out and it isn't just a marketing ploy to bump up demand?

      The first batch was sold out as indicated on the website.

      However they made a mistake with the specification (Bluetooth and screen resolution) so its likely they'd get a lot of refunds.

    this is why you should always buy your hardware from reputable brick and mortar resellers. Tech-savvy people should know more then any others there's no concept of responsibility on the Internet.

    In addition to dropping the resolution and removing Bluetooth, they've also changed the CPU - it's no longer listed as a Samsung Cortex A8 cpu and is instead just a 'Cortex A8 cpu' - this means it could very well be one of the crappier brands with poor gpu and no Adobe Flash support.
    I refunded my order and will never do business with Kogan again.

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