How To Use Your Flip Camera Without FlipShare Software

How To Use Your Flip Camera Without FlipShare Software

How To Use Your Flip Camera Without FlipShare Software Today, Cisco decided to kill off its line of Flip video cameras, effectively acknowledging both that enterprise networking and consumer cameras don’t mix well and that smartphones are taking over the consumer video space. But what happens if you do have a Flip and you want to keep using it?

Cisco has said that it will “support current FlipShare customers and partners with a transition plan”, but details are sketchy. Nonetheless, it seems unlikely that we’ll see many (if any) more releases of the actual FlipShare editing and sharing software, and that might be of concern to you if you’re already a FlipShare user.

Note that at this moment, there’s nothing to stop you keeping on using the existing FlipShare software you’ve got for editing, or from using it to upload video to YouTube or Facebook. What is likely to disappear eventually is the ability to create private Flip Channels for sharing. Over time, it’s also probably that the FlipShare software itself might not work so well. In truth, the software has always been the weak link in the Flip chain — it’s buggy, difficult to update, and very resource-intensive. Future patches and updates to Windows might well render it inoperable.

I’ve been a keen Flip user for some time, but I’ve tended to avoid using its software. While it does a reasonably efficient job of transferring movies from the camera, the editing tools are minimal, and I’ve often found the file sharing tools don’t work at all. This is how you can get the same tasks done on Windows without using FlipShare.

How To Use Your Flip Camera Without FlipShare SoftwareTRANSFERRING MOVIES: When you connect your camera to a Windows PC, the Flip will most likely pop up a window like the one pictured here. If you select the ‘Open folder to view files’ option, you’ll see the Flip mounted as a drive. Navigate into the DCIM folder and then the 100Video folder. Any videos you have shot will be here. You can drag or drop them to any other location (most likely your Video library) to copy them to your PC. (If you don’t get the pop-up window, select Computer from the Start menu and you should see the camera on the list of drives.

EDITING MOVIES: Check out our Hive Five of video editing software. For basic editing, the free Windows Live Movie Maker software is pretty slick — certainly a lot better than FlipShare itself.

UPLOADING MOVIES: Once you’re done editing, using the built-in upload tools on YouTube and Facebook is actually just as efficient as FlipShare, and normally gives you a better indication of how uploading is using. For YouTube, sign in to and click on the Upload button in the top bar. In Facebook, click on the Video button (just below your News Feed headline) and choose Upload a Video.

I’ll emphasise again — if FlipShare is working well for you now, it’s not likely to stop working well straight away. But it might be a different situation a year down the line. If the camera itself is still working and meets your needs at that point, you’re not completely reliant on the software.

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  • It’s a pity that it’s gone as it was simple enough for technical duffers like my aunts and uncles to use. They still have no clue how to extract photos and video from their phones – that stuff just stays until they lose the phone.

  • How do you extract Flip Private Video Clips sent to you in an email, so that you can move them to say 1-movie to edit them? I could not get them into any program FROM the email.

  • I can no longer use Flip Share on a Mac using OS Lion. Also, my iMovie doesn’t seem to like my FlipShare videos: It takes three hours to import them and then they don’t even show up on my iMovie page. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Do you have any suggestions on what editing software to use for those of us on windows XP? Windows movie maker does not import videos properly and it has lots of problems when using the older version with XP. The other software you mentioned is far to expensive for the average user.

  • Cisco’s termination of Flip software support is news to me! Right when I need help. The screen, open to my video files, is frozen with ‘Unexpected error’ message. I can only force quit the application on my MacBook Pro. When I try to reopen it, I get the same non-responsive error message. How can I access my files and then figure out where to go from there??? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Does anyone have any info on what happened to videos uploaded into the flip program after December 31, 2013? I had no idea anything was going to happen to this product and I uploaded videos of our daughter’s birth and of our two children after Dec. 31st and it wasn’t until we had to buy a new computer in March that I found out of this. When we got our new computer home I noticed that any video I had uploaded after Dec. 31 had disappeared. Is this a permanent thing? Have we actually lost our daughter’s birth video forever? Any help would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

  • Leslie and Katherine, I’m sorry to say it seems your videos and photos may be just gone. This is a notice from Cisco about their plan that tells what you can do before and during the end of FlipShare.
    I was looking to find out if I should keep using my camera, thankfully I’d never downloaded to FlipShare. My videos were still in the camera or in other sharing apps. I’m sorry Katherine for your losing the videos of your baby’s birth and other events in their lives. You will have those memories in your mind always, so write them in a diary to keep them close. Deborah

  • I am able to pull the videos off of my flip on my mac. Here is what I do:

    1) plug flip into usb
    2) move files over (I use the unix mv command in terminal but the GUI finder move should work to, eh?). You can find the FLIP video files here:


    you should see filenames like

    3) I view the flipvideo files (they are .AVI files) using a free mac app called VNC.

    I think I’ve done this a number of times and I *know* that I did it at least once one year ago. I just did it again today but had a scare. You plug it in to the USB, it mounts as a drive in /Volumes/ (as I have implied above). But the mount went away on my 2015 mac book pro. And repeatedly removing and plugging back in the flip to the USB did not work. I went to another macbook pro (a 2012 model) and it worked. I don’t remember this flakiness from before, hopefully it is not a sign of obsolescence.

  • I have a flip share mino camcorder with 60 min of recording time on it but yesterday it will only show me 37 minutes of recording time on it even though the camcorder is empty and the battery is full. Any thoughts? Is it broken? How to fix it? Thanks.

  • To free up space on your FLiP, connect it to your laptop (etc), find it in your drives list, right click and select “format” and restore to factory settings. I was completely unable to review anything saved in the recycle bin, so if you’re able, make sure you save any files you want/can off the FLiP before formatting. You will then be able to use the FLiP’s original time capacity.

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