How To Overcome Burnout When You're A Superachiever

We're all susceptible to work-related stress and fatigue, and those of us who are really career-driven may be even more likely to burnout. If you already feel exhausted and unmotivated (or close to it), here's how to bounce back.We've featured a guide to handling burnout before, as well as tips on recognising the signs of burnout, and even how to avoid tech burnout. A blog post by Dr Sherrie Bourg Carter at Psychology Today offers 10 steps that complement what we know about dealing with burnout, and also focuses on the end goal for many high achievers: to regain that spark and enthusiasm you once had.

Among the important reminders:

  • Take breaks between big projects. Burnout puts your mind and body in a weakened state, so avoid jumping from one stressful, time-consuming project to the next in order to give your mind and body a chance to recover.
  • Socialize outside your professional group. This can provide fresh perspectives, stimulate new ideas, and help you discover previously undiscovered resources.
  • Reinforce effort, not outcome. Not even the best players hit home runs every time they get up to bat. Remember to reinforce yourself for trying rather than only for the end result.

And, perhaps most important, try to rediscover your passion. Check out the link for the rest of her tips or share your burnout-busting advice in the comments. Photo by alonso_inostrosa

Overcoming Burnout [Psychology Today]


    Dr Doctor Carter,

    I tried to avoid jumping from one project to another. But I realized that as a senior IT resource, that would mean resigning from my job every few months, spending some time unemployed and then searching for a new job. Do you have any tips on how to make the homeless shelter more comfortable?

    I do socialize outside of my professional peers. Unfortunately it's kind of shining a pretty clear contrast on stressed at work, not stressed when not at work. I'm not sure that this is helping with my burnout...

    Also, I tried telling my boss that I tried really hard even though I didn't get all my achievements. He's suggested that I start focusing on results, or try really hard to find a way to spin this on my resume. Do you know the postcode for Sesame Street? It seems like a place where trying hard might mean more than achieving results.

    This rings so true.

    I thought I was doing okay, and that constant stress and anxiety was just a normal part of working for a big corporate, and that all I need was a little rest here and there.

    Now, things have slowed down and aren't nearly as stressful, but it's too late, despite my work situation improving greatly, I actually feel worse alot of the time. I've just started taking anti-depression medication and yesterday for the first time in my life felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack.

    Heed this warning people. Take a break before it's too late.

    Take a break? No one needs a break in this day and's not like we are slaves to the master. Do what you want not what you think you need to do. I want to work i enjoy what i do and everyday i go in there with a smile and haven't needed a break. The only reason why someone would need a break is if they didn't enjoy there Job and is unhappy in what they do....

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