How To Choose The Best Sweetener

How To Choose The Best Sweetener

There are an incredible number of choices for sweetening your food and drinks. So, naturally, a flowchart is available to help you make the best sweetener choice.

This chart from Be Food Smart leads you quite simply through your sweetener choices, helping you learn more about trendy sweeteners like agave and some features of Sweet’N Low, Splenda, and other additives.

True, some of the paths are a little wry (“Do you care about the added calories?” Yes -> “Do you want the latest sweetener on the market?” No -> “Do you mind if animal studies have linked the sweetener to cancer?*” Yes -> “Sorry, the sweetener you are looking for doesn’t exist”). But it is a quick look at many of your options, and the site offers more in-depth information about each sweetener. If you’re thinking of changing your sweetener, this flowchart offers some suggestions.

Is It Time To Change Your Sweetener? [Be Food Smart]


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