Google Docs Brings Native App With Editing, OCR To Android

Google Docs has been available as a mobile-optimised web app for a long time, but it always left something to be desired. Today, Google released a native app for Android devices that makes it easy to create, edit, and upload documents on-the-go.Google Docs added editing to its mobile site a while ago, but it still wasn't the best Docs experience — trying to edit or create Docs on your phone was kind of a pain (not to mention slow). The native app works amazingly well, letting you view and edit all your existing documents, while also letting you create new documents and spreadsheets on-the-go. You can view documents you get in Gmail, collaborate with other people, and even get a widget on your home screen for quick document creation.

Undoubtedly the coolest feature, though, is the ability to take a picture of a hard paper document and convert it to Google Docs format. By creating a new "Document from Photo", Docs will filter the picture through its optical character recognition system to turn the image into a fully editable document.

Google Docs is a free download for Android devices running 2.1 and up. Hit the link or scan the QR code below to check it out.

Google Docs for Android [Android Market via Google Docs Blog]


    Uses Doc mobile doc editor. I wish it had an offline mode for time where connectivity is bad.

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